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From Turn Up to Low Key Nights….


So two nights ago, a friend of mine invited me out for a light dinner and drinks at a local, fairly popular spot here in Kingston. He picked me up around 10 ish. When we got there to my surprise, it wasn’t what I was expecting. It was actually quiet and had a great ambience. I liked it. Note to self, weekday outings are heavenly.


So while munching and drinking away, the conversation steered into my younger years. Us both actually because we do everything together. The last two years have changed me a whole damn lot. I’m now in my early thirties ( no children nor am I married), and needless to say, my priorities and the way I think has changed alot.




In my twenties, I could take on the world I had a full-on stressful corporate job ( that felt like a 12 hour shift everyday instead of the standard 9-5), and I still managed to socialize and turn up couple nights out of any week. Looking back now, I’m still at a lost of words. I don’t know how the hell I did all that. If I even remotely try and pull that ish off now, I’d definitely be achy and under the weather the next day. Staying up past a certain time these days are the real struggle. I know I’m not alone. Can I get a hallelujah?




Now, I’ve been so comfortable with my own company. I’m content with the occasional dinner out with close friends or even binge watching one of the many shows I’m completely in love with ( we can discuss this in another post) . I say this to say, I’m handing over the never home, everyone knows your name, party girl torch to the younger girls of this generation. Let me know if you can relate to this post and comment below. Until next time.



On My Grown Woman Ish : Vol.1: Gel Manicured Nails


In corporate and regular life, appearance matters. Alot. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. What we wear and how we carry ourselves are key component for how we are perceived in the outside world. My focus for this post is Gel Manicured Nails.

Our nails compliment our overall look and our outfits. Alot of people think, “it’s just nails” but it matters. I’ve been guilty of not rocking perfectly done nails. I’d been a nail biter as long as I can remember but of late I’ve slowly broken the habit.

When I started working after university, I realized how awful my nails were. I didn’t want to give a bad impression to anyone either because I had to interact with alot of clients. It was then I decide to get my nails done for that professional look. I got acrylic nails. Acrylics became my best friend and I had them on constantly. I felt naked without them and that became my thing. As good as they looked however, whenever I decided to take them off or when I was gonna have a new complete set with my nail girl done, they were less than attractive. They were ill-shaped, soft and uneven. As a fashion and beauty lover, I’m always on blogs and Pinterest. I found a chic alternative in gel nails. I got my first gel manicure last October and I’ve been in love ever since.

The application is about forty-five minutes to an hour long and they dry instantly. I don’t have to worry about them breaking and the overall maintenance is low. Plus they don’t generally get chipped like when I used to do a at home polish session. The gel prevents that. These are some inspo pictures I found on Pinterest before I ever did my first gel manicure set :-



These are pictures of my nails currently :-




I got a white polish because I think lighter tones look better on my skin tone and makes it pop a bit more. Plus I love neutral tones. Stay tuned for more grown women need to know tips and recommendations.

Until next time.



Goodbye My Lover…For Now



Okay, okay. So for the last five or six years, I’ve been a die hard coffee lover. I remember this all starting when I was in my corporate job. Getting up at the crack of dawn everyday was a struggle. Real struggle. And that’s where my love of coffee began.

Every morning when I had my mini breakfast (cheesy omelette with a slice of toast) before rushing off to work, a cup of Joe was its complimentary sidekick. After consuming that cup, I had the energy I needed to take on the day. As time progressed, I found myself craving a bit more. There was a min-mart at  gas station where I worked near to and after leaving work for the day, I’d stop in and get a cup to go. I. WAS. WIRED. That phase of multiple fixes didn’t last, however, but I still had my morning cup to get going.




I’ve been in a process of dietary change for the last few months and as the year has just begun, I wanted to commit to it wholeheartedly. I’m not here to bash coffee drinking in any way. The smell of it alone gives me an euphoric feeling and it does have its benefits.



This is my second attempt of giving up the cup of morning Joe. This first time I tried I was left with the worse headaches I ever had and after two days, I threw in the towel. I haven’t had a cup in almost two weeks and it has been quite the experience. I have had a lot of fatigue during the course of the day  and getting out of bed to start my day has been a challenge. Unlike the headaches I had before, in my first week, I felt back leg pains (I’m assuming because I no longer had caffeine my veins and it was so used to.)

I’ve managed to find decent replacements in that of a variety of teas and they have been working for me. I have been alternating between black tea, chocolate tea (hot chocolate) and ginger tea which can be found in most if not all markets. I sweeten my tea with a bit of cane sugar and milk if needed and then I’m good to go.

I say this to say, it doesn’t mean I’ll give up coffee FOREVER. My goal is to break the dependency I’ve created in consuming it everyday for years. Wish me luck going forward loves. Until next time.




Let’s try this again….

soup pic



So what’s becoming increasing clear to me is that I have a love of all things BLOGS. I spend a good chunk of my day reading and stalking blog sites. Truth be told, I have an affinity towards fashion and lifestyle bloggers but that’s understandable because it’s an aspiration of mine. After reading the title of this post, you must be wondering what’s this thing I’m “again” trying, and that is blogging independently.


Two days ago, I found a blog post I made on Blogger (the blogging domain that Google owns). Actually it was two of them. One written in 2007 and  the other in 2008. One post was about love and the relationship I was in at that time and the other about overcoming failed friendships. I will not lie to and tell you they didn’t impress me. I was actually really blown away by them. I don’t even remember writing them! But reading them, stirred up something inside me that wants to share my little piece of the world with a few people who care to come along for the ride.


My second attempt at blogging came last year. June to be exact. I was excited. Determined to share my whole self to the world! or was I? I had a whole list of things I wanted to manifest into life but my emotions were all over the place. At the time, my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer and I took care of him all day everyday. I’m sure you can all relate. When anyone is going through relationship and family crisis, it’s hard as hell to focus on work or a dream or passion. For that reason, I decided put it off for a while. My dad passed away a month after I created my blog site and it was clear to me in that moment that I needed time to myself and I fell in a deep depression. Even now I’m not entirely over it but everyday it gets a little better.


So fast forward to the now that is January 2018. I do believe I’m ready again and I’m not throwing in the towel this time! Third time’s a charm right? Like the saying, ” Trust the timing of your life” and you cannot go wrong.