What’s In My Bag Checklist

Hello loves! Happy 2020! I’m a whole month late, but let’s just say that January was my free trial month 🙂 I’m home from traveling and I’ve never felt better. That being said, I decided to share with you a “What’s In My Bag” checklist of things I absolutely need with me on a daily basis. First off, my handbag is an old school Michael Kors beige handbag that was an eBay find years ago that can carry quite a bit of stuff in it. You probably wouldn’t even know it was a MK bag because the style isn’t like that of the newer ones. Regardless, it gets the job done. It’s also known as my all purpose bag. That being said, these are the items I carry around on a daily basis:

  1. My wallet – My brown Nine West wallet that I’ve had for 4 years that now desperately needs an upgrade. It contains cash, my IDs and bank cards.
  2.  Lotion – Bath & Body Works (B&BW) to be exact, to keep my hands moisturized. It can also double as a scent because it smells real good.
  3. Keys – My car key and house key are on the same bunch. In addition to this, there’s my baby sized B&BW hand sanitizer because you never know when you’ll need it.
  4.  A pen – This is for when I need to jot down notes or for when I’m conducting business while on the road. It’s good to have, especially when you go somewhere and they don’t have one. It also allows you to avoid asking a stranger to borrow theirs (germaphobe).
  5.  Diary – This again is to jot my notes in, whether it’s an idea, reminder or even a topic for a blog post.
  6.  iPhone & airpods – Phone’s for communication purposes and airpods are because everyone has a pair.
  7.  iPhone charger – I carry around an extra charger with me in case I end up being out a lot longer than I anticipated and it’s needed.
  8. Lipstick – Instead of carrying my entire makeup bag,  I carry with me the shade of lipstick I plan on wearing that day. My makeup tends up hold up nicely during the course of the day and the entire bag isn’t needed.
  9.  Book/reading material – I always try and have something to read in my bag, especially when I’m doing any kind of business on the road that’s definitely gonna require me to be stuck in one place for an hour or so i.e. the bank, tax office etc. It’s always good to be prepared for moments like these.
  10. Pill container – This I use both for my daily multivitamin and also the ibruprofen that I take for headaches and cramps.
  11.  Sunglasses – Where I live is pretty sunny usually, so I keep a pair in my bag just in case I need it.
  12.  Sanitary napkin case – This I always carry with me regardless of it’s that time of the month or not. It’s good to have in case of an emergency or in moments when I can help another female out.
  13.  A bottle of water – I like to always carry this in my bag to keep hydrated throughout the day.
  14. Wet wipes – I like to have these handy as they can be used for multiple purposes.



That’s all folks! Comment and like if you have a similar handbag checklist. Until next time. Xoxo.

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