Change of Scenery & Banking Woes



Hello loves! I know I’ve been scarce on here but I have a really good reason for it. I’m currently traveling and I’ve really just been in a relaxing, vacation mode. I’ve been away from my safe haven for two months now and in this moment I’m laying in the couch watching  E! True Hollywood Story and drinking a can of Canada Dry. That being said, my content has been less. This feeling I currently have hit me a couple of years ago when I decided to just leave home for a few months to break from the monotony that life can bring at times.


I must say it has been a testing few months, and I’ve had to deal with a lot of unexpected things and severe inconveniences in my life. One of those major ones being attached at the hip with my bank due to incorrect transfers done on my banking accounts ( I had these rectified) and even having to replace a credit card due to it being fraudulently compromised.  I’ve had the card for almost a decade that I’ve become so accustomed to using it, that it breaks my heart to have to get a new one. Being someone who is virtually attached to their beloved card, it affects everything in terms of my expenses, phone activation, online purchases, bills etc.  The good thing is I exercised some forward thinking and decided not to travel entirely cashless, so my time will not be totally ruined (I’m still trying to work things out with my bank back home and it’s like pulling teeth so pray for me). I managed with the help of my sister to get my card replaced, however the transaction that caused all of this is still being investigated. I’m hoping deep down after this experience, I won’t lose absolute faith in the banking system and also its security measures, or the lack thereof. I won’t even get into the subpar customer service I was subjected to during this process. Time will tell if I need to consider any alternatives.


Amidst this setback, I’ve been trying to enjoy my time away. I have truly just limited my contact with alot of people (I’m being extremely selectively sociable),  and have been less active online especially social media. I’ve been managed to delete a few accounts I followed on Instagram that I realized I never really viewed or never gave me any true inspiration in any way.  If it isn’t about gaining knowledge or fashion and beauty content, I’m not interested. I’ll update you on the backend of my trip soon. Until next time. Xoxo.





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