Laptops, GOT Finale, Life Update

Third time’s a charm, right? This is my third attempt of getting this blog post out. My first attempt ended with me falling asleep violently due to me being tired from just being hot all the damn time and overall fatigue from working an eight-hour day. My second attempt came last Sunday afternoon when I was totally in my element to get all my words out, with a cup of iced coffee by my side. After a long day of house chores and telephone conversations, catching up with my friends in that  small window we adults have because friendships don’t require everyday communication anymore, I was on a roll and writing my heart away. Somewhere in the middle of me writing the post and chatting away, I somehow manage to not autosave my post and with my luck, my laptop decided to reboot. With that said, all my words were a mere memory. Back to the drawing board I went. NB: That day was also the same day as the Game of Thrones finale, which was just sucky overall.


Amongst other issues I’ve been having over the last few months. The scarcity in blog posts were not my doing. My ol’ faithful, also known as my laptop, started to show signs of wear and age when the spacebar decided to stop working. That made it ever so hard to do anything typing related that required or needed spaces. I went back and forth for a while contemplating if I should try fixing the old girl or just buying a new one. In the end, I bought a new one. I had the old one approximately four years and it was a hand me down from my older sister, who didn’t see the significance of having one at the time. For that I was grateful.


new baby

My new blogging companion is the HP Brand, which is the same as the old one. Yes, I’m a creature of habit, except I got it in white instead of black (I think the white looks way sleeker, but I know I may have to get a cover of some kind for it to ensure it stays this way) . The specifications for this one are really good and it really motivates me to write new content. I contemplated if I should note the specifications here but I’d rather not bore you. It’s good, y’all can take my word for it.

Otherwise, I’m ok. I’ve had a radical change in my life this past month in terms of responsibilities and I’m still adjusting. I’d never say growing up I was rich but there was a lot that was done for me. I’m living and learning and making the best of what life has to offer. I’ve always been a worrier about the most random things and I’m trying to get that under control. I’m trying to hold on dearly to my love of fashion and still in pursuit of it. I can honestly say that a monotonous 9-5 ish has consumed a lot of my energy and creative thinking. I’m hoping within the next year or so, I can manage to have a more flexible schedule and that I can actually balance the things I love and manage life obligations as well. Wish me luck babes!

Until next time. Xoxo.

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