Goodbye My Lover…For Now



Okay, okay. So for the last five or six years, I’ve been a die hard coffee lover. I remember this all starting when I was in my corporate job. Getting up at the crack of dawn everyday was a struggle. Real struggle. And that’s where my love of coffee began.

Every morning when I had my mini breakfast (cheesy omelette with a slice of toast) before rushing off to work, a cup of Joe was its complimentary sidekick. After consuming that cup, I had the energy I needed to take on the day. As time progressed, I found myself craving a bit more. There was a min-mart at  gas station where I worked near to and after leaving work for the day, I’d stop in and get a cup to go. I. WAS. WIRED. That phase of multiple fixes didn’t last, however, but I still had my morning cup to get going.




I’ve been in a process of dietary change for the last few months and as the year has just begun, I wanted to commit to it wholeheartedly. I’m not here to bash coffee drinking in any way. The smell of it alone gives me an euphoric feeling and it does have its benefits.



This is my second attempt of giving up the cup of morning Joe. This first time I tried I was left with the worse headaches I ever had and after two days, I threw in the towel. I haven’t had a cup in almost two weeks and it has been quite the experience. I have had a lot of fatigue during the course of the day  and getting out of bed to start my day has been a challenge. Unlike the headaches I had before, in my first week, I felt back leg pains (I’m assuming because I no longer had caffeine my veins and it was so used to.)

I’ve managed to find decent replacements in that of a variety of teas and they have been working for me. I have been alternating between black tea, chocolate tea (hot chocolate) and ginger tea which can be found in most if not all markets. I sweeten my tea with a bit of cane sugar and milk if needed and then I’m good to go.

I say this to say, it doesn’t mean I’ll give up coffee FOREVER. My goal is to break the dependency I’ve created in consuming it everyday for years. Wish me luck going forward loves. Until next time.




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