Let’s try this again….

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So what’s becoming increasing clear to me is that I have a love of all things BLOGS. I spend a good chunk of my day reading and stalking blog sites. Truth be told, I have an affinity towards fashion and lifestyle bloggers but that’s understandable because it’s an aspiration of mine. After reading the title of this post, you must be wondering what’s this thing I’m “again” trying, and that is blogging independently.


Two days ago, I found a blog post I made on Blogger (the blogging domain that Google owns). Actually it was two of them. One written in 2007 andย  the other in 2008. One post was about love and the relationship I was in at that time and the other about overcoming failed friendships. I will not lie to and tell you they didn’t impress me. I was actually really blown away by them. I don’t even remember writing them! But reading them, stirred up something inside me that wants to share my little piece of the world with a few people who care to come along for the ride.


My second attempt at blogging came last year. June to be exact. I was excited. Determined to share my whole self to the world! or was I? I had a whole list of things I wanted to manifest into life but my emotions were all over the place. At the time, my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer and I took care of him all day everyday. I’m sure you can all relate. When anyone is going through relationship and family crisis, it’s hard as hell to focus on work or a dream or passion. For that reason, I decided put it off for a while. My dad passed away a month after I created my blog site and it was clear to me in that moment that I needed time to myself and I fell in a deep depression. Even now I’m not entirely over it but everyday it gets a little better.


So fast forward to the now that is January 2018. I do believe I’m ready again and I’m not throwing in the towel this time! Third time’s a charm right? Like the saying, ” Trust the timing of your life” and you cannot go wrong.








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