My Eyelash Extension Experience

Hey loves! So recently, I decided to get eyelash extensions as a part of a goal I set to start doing things outside of the box of what I would normally do. I opted for the individual synthetic lash extensions that pretty much lasts anywhere from two weeks to a month. Because it was my first time applying them, I wanted to test the waters to see how much I liked them. A young lady by the name of Kecia was my lash technician and the whole process took no more than 25 minutes.

It’s been 3 weeks since I got my lashes done, and so far, I’ve been loving the look. It enhances my eyes, which is a good thing, because I have really small beady eyes in my estimation. Even without makeup, it manages to “dress up” my face more than usual and I’ve been getting many compliments on how it looks on me. When I wash my face in the morning and at night, I just ensure to be very careful to not get my eyes wet and focus on the areas around my eyes. I’ve added below the end product of what my lashes looked like right after having the application done. Comment below about your lash experience and the types of lashes you are loving right now. Until next time. Xoxo.



Surprise! I’m a New Mom!

Hey loves! So when I posted my last piece at the end of 2019, I did say that one of my goals was to be more open about my life and experiences. That being said, last year was one that changed my life in a very big way. I became pregnant for the first time and now have a 3-month-old son, Lukas. I know, I know. You’re probably thinking that this is a joke, but it is in fact true and a part of the reason I’ve been scarce here.

I decided to keep my pregnancy extremely low-key and I didn’t tell many people. It was only when I didn’t look like my usual slim self that it was revealed to many in the real world. My decision to keep this experience away from social media and most of the people that know me while it was unfolding was two-fold. The first reason is it became very personal, meaning I wanted the moment to be mine and fully immerse myself in it. The other reason was there was the possibility that not everyone I knew would have been happy for me and that’s a sad statement in itself but it’s true. The fewer people know sometimes, the better.

I never knew for sure that I’d be someone’s mom. I mean I’ve thought about it, but I was never sure if it would actually happen. I questioned whether I was mentally ready to take care of another human being. I also had less-than-optimistic thoughts about finding someone I felt comfortable having a child with. There’s also the biological aspect of things – having the ability to actually conceive and carry a child to full-term. This is something a lot of women take for granted when it does happen though not all women are able to get pregnant, much less give birth to a healthy baby.

Overall, my pregnancy was good as I didn’t suffer from any morning sickness or have any nausea at all. I ate pretty much anything I wanted, except in the beginning when I had a sushi craving that I gave in to that made me feel sick to my stomach afterwards. Also, for a short period, coffee became the enemy. I’m glad that was short lived. Other than that, I was fine. I am pretty tall, so I didn’t show much until close to my third trimester. I gained a total of 33 lbs. and I fit into most of my pre-pregnancy clothing. I had to, however, abandon my dress pants and jeans as I gained weight in the lower half of my body. I made the decision to work until I was 7 months pregnant as I didn’t want to pressure myself and work right up until I was due to give birth. I didn’t have a baby shower and that was by choice – I really didn’t see the point of doing so, especially with most of my close friends being overseas. I gave birth 3 days before my estimated due date and I ended up having an C-section as I wasn’t dilating quickly enough. The doctors didn’t want to put me or the baby under any more stress after being in labor for a whopping 33 hours. When he finally came out, it was actually a surprise to me (and to everyone else eventually), as I was told at my 20-week ultrasound that I was having a girl. I thought I would have been more disturbed and upset about this, but due to exhaustion and being happy that everything was over, my mind adjusted fairly quickly to this new and unexpected turn of events. In addition to that, I was just happy that he was finally here and healthy. My son’s father and I had the daunting task, however, of coming up with a name for the baby, and I only had a day to do so. I can recall messaging my sister and close girlfriends to help with picking a name, as I already had a girl’s name picked out from as far back as before that inaccurate ultrasound and had not given any thought to boys’ names since. We eventually agreed on Lukas and the rest is history.

The last few months since my son’s birth have been quite the learning experience. It’s entailed a lot of sleepless nights, nurturing and caring for the new love of my life. Patience is a characteristic that I’m now mastering despite struggling to exhibit it for my entire life. I haven’t lost all my baby weight yet – I have 15 lbs. that refuse to go, but when I’ve adjusted more to my new life, I will be working it off. I’ve had the support of my family and close friends and it’s helped make this new experience easier.  I continue to take things one day at a time.

Though I decided against having a baby shower, I did opt to have a good photographer friend of mine take maternity photos to capture this special moment in my life, which I’ve added for your viewing pleasure. I was almost 8 months pregnant in these photos. Because I’m a new mommy now, I will be posting mommy content and carrying you all along with me during this new chapter in my life. So until next time. Xoxo.














What’s In My Bag Checklist

Hello loves! Happy 2020! I’m a whole month late, but let’s just say that January was my free trial month 🙂 I’m home from traveling and I’ve never felt better. That being said, I decided to share with you a “What’s In My Bag” checklist of things I absolutely need with me on a daily basis. First off, my handbag is an old school Michael Kors beige handbag that was an eBay find years ago that can carry quite a bit of stuff in it. You probably wouldn’t even know it was a MK bag because the style isn’t like that of the newer ones. Regardless, it gets the job done. It’s also known as my all purpose bag. That being said, these are the items I carry around on a daily basis:

  1. My wallet – My brown Nine West wallet that I’ve had for 4 years that now desperately needs an upgrade. It contains cash, my IDs and bank cards.
  2.  Lotion – Bath & Body Works (B&BW) to be exact, to keep my hands moisturized. It can also double as a scent because it smells real good.
  3. Keys – My car key and house key are on the same bunch. In addition to this, there’s my baby sized B&BW hand sanitizer because you never know when you’ll need it.
  4.  A pen – This is for when I need to jot down notes or for when I’m conducting business while on the road. It’s good to have, especially when you go somewhere and they don’t have one. It also allows you to avoid asking a stranger to borrow theirs (germaphobe).
  5.  Diary – This again is to jot my notes in, whether it’s an idea, reminder or even a topic for a blog post.
  6.  iPhone & airpods – Phone’s for communication purposes and airpods are because everyone has a pair.
  7.  iPhone charger – I carry around an extra charger with me in case I end up being out a lot longer than I anticipated and it’s needed.
  8. Lipstick – Instead of carrying my entire makeup bag,  I carry with me the shade of lipstick I plan on wearing that day. My makeup tends up hold up nicely during the course of the day and the entire bag isn’t needed.
  9.  Book/reading material – I always try and have something to read in my bag, especially when I’m doing any kind of business on the road that’s definitely gonna require me to be stuck in one place for an hour or so i.e. the bank, tax office etc. It’s always good to be prepared for moments like these.
  10. Pill container – This I use both for my daily multivitamin and also the ibruprofen that I take for headaches and cramps.
  11.  Sunglasses – Where I live is pretty sunny usually, so I keep a pair in my bag just in case I need it.
  12.  Sanitary napkin case – This I always carry with me regardless of it’s that time of the month or not. It’s good to have in case of an emergency or in moments when I can help another female out.
  13.  A bottle of water – I like to always carry this in my bag to keep hydrated throughout the day.
  14. Wet wipes – I like to have these handy as they can be used for multiple purposes.



That’s all folks! Comment and like if you have a similar handbag checklist. Until next time. Xoxo.

Year-End Wrap Up: #2019 Edition

So this time last year, I did a similar post that was very much outside of the norm. Just a bunch of random thoughts about me, my year and a round up of every thing that happened, interested me, or didn’t and even some New Year resolutions. So here we go.

  1. 2019 was a year that tested me like no other I’ve ever had and I mean that sh*t ( I’ll elaborate in future blog posts)
  2.  A few of my favorite tv shows, for example, The Walking Dead and American Horror Story, really disappointed me and there’s no coming back from that. #outwiththeoldandinwiththenew (special shoutout to 90 Day Fiancé that never fails when it comes to entertainment value)
  3.  I learned a lot about “friendship” this year. That being said, my circle consists of basically no one, and I’m ok with that.
  4.  I pledge to post more content for 2020. No matter how busy I am. I need to start taking all of my random thoughts and ideas to this medium. I love it so much but I feel like I’ve neglected my blog in a major way.
  5. Procrastination will be the enemy.
  6. I haven’t worked out in months and that is not ok. I hate to be cliché and say “New Year, New Me!” but please work with me this once. After Christmas dinner and major pigging out until the 31st, I will be snatched to the Gods once more.
  7. 2019 was a crap year for me in terms of savings. 2020 is gonna turn that all around. Mark my words. #multiplestreamsofincome
  8.  I’ve lost a lot of faith in the banking system, and I’m a couple steps away from putting all my money under a mattress (my Caribbean people especially will know about doing this).
  9.  I’ve always been notorious for laying low all the time and even what some would consider as me disappearing off the face of the planet Sometimes, this is a necessary evil , however, I wanna change that a bit next year and be more open. So we’ll see. #scorpioproblems
  10.  This year, my personal space was taken from me and I was highly tested. Partially, it was my fault, however, I’ve never been more appreciative of my space in my whole flipping life. I’ve also learnt that there are people who honestly don’t know how to take the hint that their presence isn’t wanted or needed.
  11.  Never underestimate having a loving and supportive partner. It will keep you sane and keep you from doing things you will regret later on.
  12. This is my favorite meme this year and only my guy and sister will understand the extent of it – e39161a7-1f04-4ebd-a228-20a0793d49d7
  13.  My travel goals for 2020 is to venture into the unknown i.e., traveling  to a country that I’ve never been to. Stay tuned to see if I actually achieve this.
  14.  I’ve drank less alcohol this year than I have in the last 8-9 years, and I made it through. As Rita Ora said in her debut song, “R.I.P to the girl I used to be, those days are over.”.
  15.  I had nonelective surgery this year and it was not fun. I’m actually still recovering and this has changed my whole thought process on having cosmetic surgery. If I never have to have a doctor cut into me again, I’m ok with that. But hell no, I’m not paying to do that. I’ll gym it out.


That’s all folks! I’ll catch you all in 2020. Until next time. Xoxo.

Skincare Review – Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging Cream Cleanser


Hey loves! While traveling, my skin – specifically my face – has been taking a beating. Because of that, I decided to try something new in hopes to bring back the good ol’ me. I picked up the Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging Regenerating Cream Cleanser and I haven’t had a regret about this purchase. I ensured I used this product for about a week to guarantee that I wasn’t been tricked with a one- or two-day goodness package and then the overall quality of it would fall off.

While scanning the beauty aisle, which I haven’t done in quite some time, I won’t lie to you that I wasn’t intimidated. Most of the products I use these days, I’ve either been using for years or they were recommended by a favorite blogger or Instagrammer because we know social media is undefeated. Despite all this, I went in super open-minded. I saw multiple brands and products but this one stood out to me, not to mention the Olay brand is one of the OGs in the business of beauty.


I can definitely say I recommend this product. The mere addition of the word “Anti-Aging” in the title of the product did kind of mess with my head a bit, I wont’ lie. Being a gal in her 30’s means I’m far from being old or aged so it did raise an eyebrow for me. After all, that’s something you would normally see on your mom or aunt’s cleanser on her dresser back in the day. In this situation, I ignored it all together and gave the product a shot. The product left my face feeling clean and soft. It has a consistency that is similar to a scrub. However, it’s not as harsh as a facial scrub typically is. The price point is also another highlight as it is extremely affordable at about $7 or $8 dollars, and can be even cheaper if you buy the product online through Amazon. Several vendors on the platform sell them in packs of three and you can get them more reasonably than your local Walgreens or CVS.

I hope this review was helpful. Leave a line if you’ve tried this product before now or picked it up after reading my review. Until next time. Xoxo.

Change of Scenery & Banking Woes



Hello loves! I know I’ve been scarce on here but I have a really good reason for it. I’m currently traveling and I’ve really just been in a relaxing, vacation mode. I’ve been away from my safe haven for two months now and in this moment I’m laying in the couch watching  E! True Hollywood Story and drinking a can of Canada Dry. That being said, my content has been less. This feeling I currently have hit me a couple of years ago when I decided to just leave home for a few months to break from the monotony that life can bring at times.


I must say it has been a testing few months, and I’ve had to deal with a lot of unexpected things and severe inconveniences in my life. One of those major ones being attached at the hip with my bank due to incorrect transfers done on my banking accounts ( I had these rectified) and even having to replace a credit card due to it being fraudulently compromised.  I’ve had the card for almost a decade that I’ve become so accustomed to using it, that it breaks my heart to have to get a new one. Being someone who is virtually attached to their beloved card, it affects everything in terms of my expenses, phone activation, online purchases, bills etc.  The good thing is I exercised some forward thinking and decided not to travel entirely cashless, so my time will not be totally ruined (I’m still trying to work things out with my bank back home and it’s like pulling teeth so pray for me). I managed with the help of my sister to get my card replaced, however the transaction that caused all of this is still being investigated. I’m hoping deep down after this experience, I won’t lose absolute faith in the banking system and also its security measures, or the lack thereof. I won’t even get into the subpar customer service I was subjected to during this process. Time will tell if I need to consider any alternatives.


Amidst this setback, I’ve been trying to enjoy my time away. I have truly just limited my contact with alot of people (I’m being extremely selectively sociable),  and have been less active online especially social media. I’ve been managed to delete a few accounts I followed on Instagram that I realized I never really viewed or never gave me any true inspiration in any way.  If it isn’t about gaining knowledge or fashion and beauty content, I’m not interested. I’ll update you on the backend of my trip soon. Until next time. Xoxo.





Chapter 8: Oversized Ralph Lauren T-Shirt Dress, Passion Twists & Hillside Adventures

So I never imagined the year moving by so quickly. I mean, I remember New Year’s like it was yesterday. We’re already in the eighth month of the year, and it’s forced me to deal with a lot of things I’ve been avoiding for the last few months. Everywhere I look, I see another post, whether on Instagram or Facebook or just the general worldwide web – I see #hotgirlsummer and I’m not sure if I’m having one. If anything, it’s introspective summer to me, darling. I plan to spend the rest of this year pretty focused and low-key for the most part. That includes some out of country travelling, maintaining a pretty flexible schedule, budgeting for new developments that I have planned and just keeping up with my overall happiness.



I decided to switch up my hair game this summer as well and step out of my faux locs box and try passion twists. I saw that the girl who normally does my locs was now offering the style and I couldn’t resist. I managed to wear them for eight weeks and I feel like I really got my money’s worth (not to mention the countless compliments I received, even when they got “stale”) . They were a lot more manageable than the previous hairstyles that I’ve worn in the past, and I found myself more open to styling the twists due to how soft they were. I decided to get them shoulder length due to the summer months (I didn’t want to feel annoyed by long tresses).


Now that I’m no longer protective-styling my hair, I’m rocking my natural hair. Yep, it feels hella strange and it’s something I’m really not used to as my edgy boy cut days when the barbershop was my hairdresser are ancient history. I’m trying really hard not to cut my hair but I haven’t ruled it out entirely because I really wanna maintain a somewhat “together appearance”, if you know what I mean.


Just as with my hair, my fashion is ever changing as well. I’ve gone from very fitted outfit options to more loose fitted ones, and then it all depends on the occasion and my mood. My white Ralph Lauren oversized shirt dress has been quite the sister travelled to New York two months ago, and my only request while being away was oversized shirts/ dresses (I have a little obsession with them). This one in particular has been very comfy and it’s definitely my style. I can say sissy did a great job snatching this piece up. I paired it with some pinstriped Forever  21 sailor shorts I’ve had for a long time, that I’ve pretty sure I’ve only worn once or twice. Overall, my outfit was comfy and summer friendly for my Sunday adventure.


Lemme know below what has been your summer go-to hairstyles and the fashion trends you all are feeling right now. Until next time. Xoxo.

Outfit Deets: Shorts: Forever 21 // Oversized Tee: Ralph Lauren // Sandals: Ebay // Bag: Steve Madden // Bracelets & Chains : Ebay // Hair: @Fauxlocs94 – Instagram // Watch: Michael Kors




Lost Files & The Heatwave

So I’m sure I’m not the only person who is suffering badly from the current weather situation. For the last month or so, I’ve been dreading the next few months with an absolute passion. I’m usually a lover of the summer months because it’s a time where I get to debut two or even three of the new swimsuits that I purchased with the intention of strolling along the beaches of my island home Jamaica in. However, I’m not sure how things will turn out this year. The heat wave currently being experienced is like no other. Last Saturday’s temperature actually recorded as one of Jamaica’s highest historically at a mean 102 degrees Fahrenheit.  I’m still trying to plan at least one trip this summer so let’s see how it goes.

Until then, I’ve been living vicariously through a few pictures that were taken three months ago on a trip that I took to the North Coast. The photos were resident on my camera until now. The trip was a combination of rest and relaxation, beautiful beaches, an intimate resort stay, delicious food and world class hospitality. I had every intention of making a post but somewhere between working and life changes, the post never happened. There were also my laptop issues… That being said, I hope you enjoy these summer inspired pictures from my weekend getaway.
P.S. Both swimsuits I bought on Ebay more than a year ago for no more than ten or twelve dollars each.
Until next time. Xoxo.

















My Top Must Watch Shows for Summer

Hey loves! I’m not a super tv watcher but I do have a few shows that I’ve been indulging in seasonally and yearly that I thought I’d share with you all. . Truth be told, I gravitate towards the hardcore, deep, suspense thriller type of stuff, so if that’s you, you’ll love these picks.



If you want a show that mixes crime and law enforcement with sex and family entanglement, I strongly suggest you check out Power.  The show enters its final season this August, but if you want to start from scratch, that’s not a problem either. You’ll have tons of episodes to binge on.”Power” tells the story of James “Ghost” St. Patrick, a wealthy New York City nightclub owner who caters to the city’s elite. He wants to build an empire, turn the club into a Fortune 500 business, but there’s just one problem: Ghost is living a double life. When he is not in the club, he is the kingpin of the most lucrative drug network in New York for a very high-level clientele. His marriage, family and business all become unknowingly threatened as he is tempted to leave his criminal life behind and become the rags-to-riches businessman he wants to be most of all.


Big Little Lies

big little lies

Based on the same-titled best-seller by Liane Moriarty, “Big Little Lies” weaves a darkly comedic tale of murder and mischief in the tranquil beachfront town of Monterey, Calif. Amidst doting moms, successful husbands, beautiful children, and stunning homes exists a community fueled by rumors and divided into haves and have-nots, exposing fractured relationships between husbands and wives, parents and children, and friends and neighbors. Told through the eyes of three mothers — Madeline, Celeste and Jane — the series’ narrative explores society’s myths regarding perfection and its romanticization of marriage, sex, parenting and friendship. Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley star as the three prominent “mothers of Monterey.” I got hooked on this show from Season 1 last year and it’s been a love affair ever since. That being said, you’re welcome 🙂


The Handmaid’s Tale

the handmaid's tale

The Handmaid’s Tale is an American dystopian drama web television series created by Bruce Miller, based on the 1985 novel of the same name by Margaret Atwood. The plot features a dystopian future following a Second American Civil War wherein a totalitarian society  subjects fertile women, called “Handmaids”, into child-bearing servitude. The show focuses on the journey of the Handmaid “Offred”.  This series is definitely not your average one. Currently in its third season , it’s a must watch this summer.


The Chi 

the chi

I discovered this show by sheer accident when I was just looking for a good show to watch online and I can say, it was worth it. The show is set in the South Side of Chicago which carries daily danger, and the smallest and simplest of decisions can have life or death consequences for the residents. Life continues as the kids prep for school and their parents shuffle off to work. The young adults of the area are trying to scrape a living for themselves, while the elders sit on their front porches and observe the goings on. The South Side has the potential to crush dreams, and this coming-of-age series focuses on Kevin, a preteen who embraces the normal rites of childhood, Brandon, who makes a leap of faith to succeed in love and life with Jerrika, Emmett, who seeks guidance from his mother, and Ronnie, who is a drifter struggling to be loved. All of them are linked together by sheer coincidence as they seek redemption. Even though its second season just ended, I highly recommend this as a must watch.

Comment below your must watch shows I can check out and tell me your thoughts on my picks as well. Until next time. Xoxo.

Laptops, GOT Finale, Life Update

Third time’s a charm, right? This is my third attempt of getting this blog post out. My first attempt ended with me falling asleep violently due to me being tired from just being hot all the damn time and overall fatigue from working an eight-hour day. My second attempt came last Sunday afternoon when I was totally in my element to get all my words out, with a cup of iced coffee by my side. After a long day of house chores and telephone conversations, catching up with my friends in that  small window we adults have because friendships don’t require everyday communication anymore, I was on a roll and writing my heart away. Somewhere in the middle of me writing the post and chatting away, I somehow manage to not autosave my post and with my luck, my laptop decided to reboot. With that said, all my words were a mere memory. Back to the drawing board I went. NB: That day was also the same day as the Game of Thrones finale, which was just sucky overall.


Amongst other issues I’ve been having over the last few months. The scarcity in blog posts were not my doing. My ol’ faithful, also known as my laptop, started to show signs of wear and age when the spacebar decided to stop working. That made it ever so hard to do anything typing related that required or needed spaces. I went back and forth for a while contemplating if I should try fixing the old girl or just buying a new one. In the end, I bought a new one. I had the old one approximately four years and it was a hand me down from my older sister, who didn’t see the significance of having one at the time. For that I was grateful.


new baby

My new blogging companion is the HP Brand, which is the same as the old one. Yes, I’m a creature of habit, except I got it in white instead of black (I think the white looks way sleeker, but I know I may have to get a cover of some kind for it to ensure it stays this way) . The specifications for this one are really good and it really motivates me to write new content. I contemplated if I should note the specifications here but I’d rather not bore you. It’s good, y’all can take my word for it.

Otherwise, I’m ok. I’ve had a radical change in my life this past month in terms of responsibilities and I’m still adjusting. I’d never say growing up I was rich but there was a lot that was done for me. I’m living and learning and making the best of what life has to offer. I’ve always been a worrier about the most random things and I’m trying to get that under control. I’m trying to hold on dearly to my love of fashion and still in pursuit of it. I can honestly say that a monotonous 9-5 ish has consumed a lot of my energy and creative thinking. I’m hoping within the next year or so, I can manage to have a more flexible schedule and that I can actually balance the things I love and manage life obligations as well. Wish me luck babes!

Until next time. Xoxo.

Lady In Red

Hey loves! It’s been a moment and there are a few things that have been on my mind. More specifically, body image and self-esteem. We live in a self-conscious society, where image matters A LOT. If anyone ever tells you any differently, don’t believe them. Being a fashion lover, it can be quite tricky for me when I’m purchasing clothing items and even shoes. Growing up, I used to watch fashion shows on the Style Network, which was a sister station of the E! Network back in the late ‘90s and early 2000s, and I was always so fascinated by the different outfits by well-known designers and even the models themselves. I’ve always been above average everything. By the time I started high school, I was 5’3”(this which is Kim Kardashian’s height on a good day). Needless to say, I was my father’s child and I was gonna be a tall girl. Not only that, I was a thicker girl too. That combination made it super hard to shop, and I’d always been conscious about wearing certain things. (Insert awkward teenage phase here). Over time, I balanced out and I came into my own. It wasn’t easy but I made it my duty to become the person I am today.

Being a woman in today’s society, and seeing size 0 models can mess with your brain. Going into stores and knowing it may be a hit or miss trip isn’t encouraging. My advice is to work with the elements and cultivate a style that is your own, whatever that may be.

I teamed up with Gole, a retailer on Instagram, and I shot a few photos featuring the beautiful outfit you see down below. Since red is my favourite color next to black, the decision to choose this outfit wasn’t a hard one once I saw it. The fiery set was super comfortable and I definitely can see myself wearing this outfit again and again. To get the link to my outfit, click here

Until next time loves. Xoxo.













#BeautyReview – Shop Miss A Review

Hey loves! I won’t be able to shoot any new content for another week or so, but I decided to give a recap on a recent purchase I made through the Shop Miss A website. This isn’t the first time I’ve ordered items from them and it won’t be the last. They sell a variety of products and accessories, however I primarily buy makeup items. In this instance, I needed to restock on a few beauty items and I thought this was the best avenue to do so, as they are super affordable. Everything listed on their site is $1, and if you buy more than 30 items, you get free shipping. Pretty sweet, right?

I managed to get blush palettes, compact powders, foundations, brushes, nail polishes, BB Creams, eyeshadows (pressed and cream), eyeliner, eyeliner powder, mascara, creme lipsticks, matte liquid lipsticks ( I bought about 15 or more), bronzer, pressed powders and cover sticks.  In all I spent $50, which I think is a bargain, and shipping was relatively easy and quick. Comment below if you have ever bought items from Shop Miss A, and if so describe what your experience was like.

Until next time. Xoxo.



Freeman Polishing Charcoal & Black Sugar Gel Mask & Scrub Review

Hey loves! In addition to my fashion and travel content, I’ve decided to share a few of the beauty products I use as well here on the blogspace. This year, I’ve made it my duty to be more keen on my skincare routine and to incorporate new products as well. I’ve always used face masks and scrubs from the St. Ives brand, but I wanted to switch things up, so I settled on the Freeman brand.



While browsing my eBay app for affordable masks, I managed to stumble upon the Polishing Charcoal & Black Sugar Gel Mask & Scrub. To be honest, I went in with no expectations. After reading a few reviews, I decided to give it a try based on my current needs, added it to my cart and checked out.


I found the product to be extremely helpful, as it was able to rid my face of makeup build up, but was not so harsh that it irritated my skin. I’ve been using it twice a week for approximately two months now with no issues. The mask is also sweet smelling and even has a sugary taste (I accidentally tasted it during an application).

If you are looking for an affordable product that cleanses your pores and gives a smooth, glowy finish to your skin, I would definitely recommend it. I’ve added two pictures below showing my face during and after my last application. Until next time. Xoxo.


During the application
After the application

#Latepost – My Birthday Getaway

Hey loves! I’m so behind with my posting schedule. I’ve had my birthday pictures stored on my phone and camera for two months now and, because of work, I hadn’t been able to upload and edit anything but here goes! I spent my weekend in Negril (one of my favorite places hands down) at a hotel on the West End called The Sov Resort. The hideaway is relatively new to the resort town but lived up my expectations. Not only was the property sizable and well-kept, it had lush greenery everywhere in the form of gardens and trees. I only spent one night there but I ensured that I checked in extra early so I could capitalize on all the niceness of my go-to vacation town.

After checking in, I took a well needed nap after the three hour from the capital. After resting my eyes, I had authentic hand-made pizza for dinner (pepperoni and shrimp, to be specific) from a pizzeria nearby the hotel, made by a very nice Italian man that left Italy eighteen years ago to live a more relaxed life here in little old Jamaica with his wife and children. I topped that off with a slice of double chocolate cake from the local mini mart, single candle and all, to make the whole experience seem more celebratory. I have no picture evidence of either meal or dessert due to the deliciousness of both *covers face*.

The next morning started with a trip to the nine mile stretch of beach Negril is notorious for, and a dip in the ocean. Thereafter, it was back to the resort for a dip in the infinity pool to wash off all the beach salitness. After all that swimming, I worked up quite the appetite and I was delighted to know my favorite Jamaican dish, ackee and saltfish, was on the breakfast menu. Without any hesitation, that was my order and I wasn’t disappointed.

All in all, I can say I had a decent birthday weekend. There were a few hiccups (if there wasn’t I would have been surprised), but it made for an interesting trip nonetheless. I’ve added my pictures below for your viewing pleasure. P.S.: Both swimsuits worn were from FashionNova but are currently sold out online. Until next time. Xoxo.





















Let’s Chat, Shall We? – Christmas Edition

So as I am starting to write this piece at 6pm on a Sunday evening, I’m drinking a cup of coffee as I didn’t get to nap today. My bestie who now lives in New York came back home for a visit just yesterday and we spent a few hours hanging out and chatting and eating like gals do when they haven’t seen each other in ages. Otherwise, There’s so much to catch up on, I hardly even know where to start to be honest.

So my last post was my random sporadic post on the introduction of the fall season and some thoughts that were on my mind. Alot has happened since then. And I mean alot. From my personal life to my professional life to the changes I need to make for the upcoming year that is 2019. I’m hoping I can write most of this before 90 day Fiance starts in an hour or so. Yes, you read that right. Don’t judge me.


So I decided to leave my old job and I now work in the financial industry yet again. I honestly thought going back wouldn’t be challenging for me at all as I managed to survive seven whole years in it and when I actually put the work in, I can do it effortlessly. About three days into my training, that old feeling started creeping in again and it really didn’t make me feel good at all. I manage to complete the training but there’s still this lingering feeling of dissatisfaction on my end. Don’t get me wrong, the people I’ve met thus far at this new job have been really personable, accommodating and sweet if I can even say that. It’s just the field I’ve come to despise and I know this now.

Coming to this realization, I know I need to make some changes AGAIN and I really have no regrets doing so. I always remember reading an article that stated that the place you work and the actual work you do shouldn’t be an emotional burden to you because you are at your place of employment for the majority of your days and that is super important. I’m on a mission to find my best job fit and no matter how long it takes I will get there. I know I will.

When to comes to matters of the heart, I don’t really say much here but what I can say is that this year I found myself in an emotional tailspin relationship-wise. I ended a relationship earlier this year with someone I’ve known for quite some time and I’ve managed to meet someone that captures my heart in a way I never knew was possible. What’s weird is that if you had asked me at the beginning of the year if I saw my year end looking like this, I would have probably would have laughed at you so frigging hard. It all came out of left field but I’m embracing every second of it. I don’t know where my new person and I will end up but I do know I’ve taken a slower approach this time around and I am not making myself oblivious to certain red flags as I have in the past. It feels good all around so far so let’s see what happens.

With the new year right around the bend, I’ve decided not to make any resolutions. Every year I make one or two and I never fulfil them entirely. So with that said, I’m just gonna go with the flow and live life as it comes. I hope everyone manages to have a decent Christmas with their loved ones and a happy, blessed and productive 2019.

Until next time. Xoxo.


Falling For You

Hey loves! The fall season has been in full effect and I can feel it in the air. I went to an event a few weeks ago and I thought my outfit was in fact blog worthy and decided to have a shoot in light of this. Being a lover of neutrals and warm earth tones, it wasn’t hard for me to put this outfit together. It’s definitely a combination of autumn meets Caribbean girl meets sexy casual fall fashion.  I can honestly say life is treating and handling me with care and it shows cause my skin feels and looks extra golden in these photos. P.S. the photos were taken by my bestie and in a neighbourhood on the way from the event. Until next time. Xoxo.














Outfit deets: The bodycon dress I got from Ross on sale,  my earring are from H&M (Old), the bag is from Ebay, the casual duster jacket is from Boohoo and my pointy suede flats are Christian Siriano for Payless.

Fall is here…..Life Update….Random Thoughts

Hello my faithful readers and newbies as well! With the change in season, I’ve had a few changes myself.

I would have had a post up long ago but I decided against posting a piece I wrote in a moment when my thoughts were truly scattered. After a re-read a few days later, I knew it wasn’t post-worthy.

Apart from that hiccup, I’ve been in good spirits ( for the most part).

The darker, warmer months always make me feel more cozy and secure.

I’m celebrating my 30+ tax birthday in a week and I’m usually pretty down but I’m actually looking forward to it. #scorpioseason

I will be going on a mini vacay and I will be taking you all with me 🙂

I made banana pancakes this morning and I’m pretty proud of myself #icantcookatall

Everytime I’m about to give up on the human race, I meet a decent human being.

I’ve been thinking about Europe and traveling alot lately.

Brown liquor is my drink of choice in most social settings.

Always remember…..

Fake it ’til you make it.

Not everyone is going to like you and that’s OKAY.

Do at least one great, memorable thing every year of your life.

Never do anything you don’t love for very long. You will start feeling like a prisoner. Physically and mentally.

Remember the Three P’s : Prayer, Patience & Positivity.

Until next time. Xoxo.




The Infamous White Button Down

Hey loves! Fall is approaching and believe me when I say I’m welcoming it with open arms. I’ve been super busy these days, hence the lack of activity here on the blog, but it was partly due to life obligations i.e work ( I’m hoping one day blogging can fully pay my bills and cover my expenses), and also a lack of motivation. I’ve actually read a few blogs in the last few weeks where bloggers have been stating that in recent times they have not been motivated to write and /or create content and even some Youtube influencers as well. Most of what I post here comes from things I can really relate to and can really feel good about. So for me, it’s not about what’s popular or trending, it’s about what I like.

Living in the Caribbean can be a bit tricky when it comes to seasons and styling. Where as in other regions by the end of summer, a person would be able to fully line up their fall wardrobe and be ready to embrace the cooler weather, here we may experience cooler nights but the days are usually still hot as hell until around end of year. This particular shoot day was both sunny and breezy.

That being said, I did a little prep myself with items I already own and a piece that I received through a collaboration. I partnered with Oh Desire to feature one of its item on the blog. I went through all their pieces and eventually stumble upon this white button down shirt dress with puffy sleeves. I found it in the dress section but being as tall as I am, I styled it as a shirt instead. I paired it with simple Old Navy Jeans and a pair of boots I found on Ebay some months back. I quite liked the crisp lines of the shirt dress and found that my jeans gave it a more edgy look. Not to mention my love for neutrals.

I already have my next blog post lined up, outfit and all, and I do hope I’ll get to shoot some pictures for it as I continue my fall fashion lineup. Comment below your favorite fall finds and outfits. Until next time. Xoxo.




















Outfit Deets: Shirt Dress – Oh Desire // Jeans – Old Navy (Old) // Boots – 14th & Union // Bag – Dash Clothing (Sold Out)




The Two Piece Set – Summer Style Takeover

Holy heatwave! Summer is in full effect and I don’t know about you but it is hot as hell here in Jamaica. When I step outside my car, office or out of my humble abode, I start sweating like a hooker in church. Yes, it’s that serious. As a result, I’ve been wearing alot less clothing than norm these days.

I’ve always been a fan of the infamous two piece set trend. It’s a easy and fast look that not only leaves you looking and seeming stylish (even if you don’t consider yourself a fashionista), you will look put together and feel great rocking your outfit. The set that I wore,I bought about three months ago. I was contacted by The Helpful Vegan boutique on Instagram about doing a collaboration with them and I accepted. I ended up choosing the Coastal Set as I thought the style was super cute. The material has a blue vertical stripe print, is really lightweight and extremely comfortable. I’m pretty tall ( 6’1″ to be exact) and the shorts were high waisted and gave me enough booty coverage as well. It was perfect for the Sunday sightseeing I went on, in addition to taking pictures for this post. Comment below what your favorite summer style has been. Until next time. Xoxo.

_DSC0158 - Copy (1)


_DSC0161 - Copy (1)

_DSC0162 - Copy (1)

_DSC0164 - Copy (1)

_DSC0165 - Copy (1)

_DSC0167 - Copy (1)

_DSC0170 - Copy (1)

_DSC0174 - Copy (1)

_DSC0176 - Copy (1)

_DSC0186 - Copy (1)

_DSC0193 - Copy (1)

_DSC0194 - Copy (1)

_DSC0195 - Copy (1)

_DSC0198 - Copy (1)

_DSC0187 - Copy (1)

_DSC0189 - Copy (1)

Outfit Deets: Two Piece Set: The Helpful Vegan // Sandals :Shemz Footwear ( made in Jamaica) // Watch: Michael Kors  // Handbag : Ebay


Hidden Treasure


Happy Monday loves! It’s a rainy long weekend and I’m reporting live from the place that I rest my head at night i.e my bed, and I must say I am fully rested. I’ve had a relaxing and exciting weekend and needlesstosay, I have little to complain about. It’s currently a long weekend here in Jamaica as we are celebrating the independence of our country. Initially I didn’t have much of a plan to make any kind of trip anywhere, but at the last minute, I managed to venture West of the island to the parish of St. Elizabeth. This parish, which is becoming one of my favorites, is a place I’ve visited maybe three times in my lifetime.

A few months back, somehow I ended up on the AirBnB website looking at places I could stay in New York when my original place of stay fell through (still a work in progress). I decided curiously to put “Jamaica” in the search bar and noticed while browsing that there were alot of people here in my own country who had been utilizing this avenue as a means of income and a way of tourism. I scanned all fourteen parishes and St. Elizabeth actually stood out to me the most. At the time, I was trying to plan a weekend stay and that too was proving to be rather difficult due to timing and funding. That research never left my mind and best believe it was on my “to-go” list. A weekend would have been heavenly, but a one day trip did suffice.

It was all I remembered and then some. As we drove from the main road that took us to the capital of St. E, I noticed how much more developed and populated it had become compared to the eight years prior when I visited. We made a quick bathroom and snack stop in the town and then continued on our journey to our destination. I was able to win over a nice older gentleman as he was picking mangoes on our journey and he gave me one of the biggest juiciest mangoes I’d seen in a long time ( that will be my dinner later today).


After hours of driving, three to be exact, we finally got to the popular  six mile long Treasure Beach. Being a public holiday, there were quite a few people there as well from locals to foreigners alike and people of all ages. The weather was a bit overcast but honestly I didn’t mind because I didn’t want to any harsh tan lines on me would last for months. As I snuggled my toes in the black sand, I felt like I’d never leave. It was perfect weather and the water was nice and warm. After an hour of swimming, we grabbed a bite to eat at Frenchman’s Reef Restaurant and watched the sunset on a relaxing Sunday evening.


I’m already researching and planning my next mini vacay so stay subscribed to me so you don’t miss out. Below I’ve added some pictures for your viewing pleasure. Until next time. Xoxo.













Outfit Deets

Swimsuit: Ebay

Watch: Michael Kors

Sandals: Sak Sandals

Hair: Mega


Return of the Mac – #NationalLipstickDay

Hey loves! While scrolling Instagram in the wee hours, I noticed alot of #NationalLipstickDay posts being featured on my feed  because today is actually that day! Being a lipstick gal myself, I thought it would be fitting to do a feature on my extensive Mac lipstick collection that I own.

I’ve never been  much into the liquid lipsticks and lip stains that have taken over in the last few years as I’ve found that traditional lipsticks work best for me. I can remember years ago, before I started buying my own makeup, I was always fascinated in trying on the lippies my mom wore and had on her dresser top. As I got older, I started buying the Jordana brand at my local pharmacy as to avoid sneaking the ones mom had plus they were super affordable. Don’t sleep on Jordana, as they still have really nice shades on the low low.


About four years ago while online shopping, I really started noticing the Mac brand. I stalked the website and realized I loved their shades a lot and also the bullet like casing it comes in   ( who doesn’t love that sleek black packaging?) Plus once you see it, you know it’s Mac.

From 2014 since now I’ve managed to grow my collection to a total of 27 shades. I like having a wide variety of colors to choose from at all times as me choosing a particular lipstick for the day or occasion may be dependent on my mood or even the outfit I’m wearing. I’ve listed below each the shades I own and also the different shade group each one belongs to (whether nudes, pinks, reds, etc.) Comment below your favourites or the shades that you are considering trying out for yourself. Until next time. Xoxo.



Matte Royal (Matte)

Orange / Red

Lady Danger (Matte)

Chili (Matte)


Stone (Matte)

Antique Velvet (Matte)


Please Me (Matte)

Syrup (Lustre)

Lickable (Cremesheen)

Angel (Frost)

Mehr (Matte)

Fanfare (Cremesheen)

Twig (Satin)


Diva (Matte)

Ruby Woo (Retro Matte) (My FAV)

Viva Glam (Matte)

Party Line (Cremesheen)


Cyber (Frost)

Have Your Cake (Matte)

Heroine (Matte)

Rebel (Satin)

Flat Out Fabulous (Retro Matte)


Whirl (Matte)

Crème In Your Coffee (Cremesheen)

Honey Love (Matte)

Velvet Teddy (Matte)

Touch (Lustre)

Taupe (Matte)





Working Girl

Location: Downtown Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.
It’s been a minute. Ok, ok. Maybe a little longer than that but I promise you, I had my reasons. Alot has changed in the last month, one of which included me heading back to the regular 9 – 5 ish. It’s been a while, but for whatever reason I felt this to be a necessary evil at this time. It’s actually a far cry from the corporate straightlacedness I’m used to but I need a more laidback environment right now. It’s not super stressful and I do quite like the people that I work with plus it’s an income stream I can use to cushion my blog and undying love for fashion. The only downsides are the day-to-day monotony and the lack of energy I seem to have at the end of every day.

It’s funny how life works out I think. I’m grateful for the opportunity that I’ve been given but I find myself constantly daydreaming at my desk of ideas I wanna share via this medium, not to mention sneakingly reading my favorite blogs online every now and again to get even more inspiration. The past month has actually motivated me more than ever to take this to another level. I see clearly now that I’ve found a passion for something, and that when people would encourage every individual to make a career doing something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life, I now truly believe them.

Even though I’ve been forced to balance work, life obligations and blogging, it works out perfectly for me because that way I don’t get bored and I can stay busy. A friend of mine, who also happens to take bomb ass photos of me, just got back into town and I managed to get some photos taken for this particular post. I’ve had this outfit from Boohoo for about two months unworn and it gave me corporate chic vibes. It’s even more so fitting because it’s actually my life at the moment. And God knows I loveeeeeeee black. I paired it with my red Gucci inspired handbag I got at a local store to give the outfit the pop of color it needed. I had fun taking these shots and I do plan on even more outfit posts very soon. Comment below if you dig this outfit and are a Boohoo babe yourself. Until next time. Xoxo.













Outfit Details

Jumpsuit : Boohoo Tall (Sold Out)

Shoes : Chinese Laundry (Old)

Bag : Dash Clothing – Jamaica (Sold Out)